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23/NOV/2010 Formula 1 2010 Game - User manual (pdf)

07/OCT/2010 useful downloads for sim games

>>> F1C RH04 iroland-setup-pack-v1.0.zip

>>> F1_Challenge_99-02_Manual.pdf

>>> NoCD.exe (F1C 99-02)

>>> F1 Manipulator offers different modules, which allow to make different changes to the configuration of F1 2002 Download

>>> Original RacerAlex Advanced Formula 1 Setup Guide / PDF / 3,28 MB Download

>>> DestroY F1 2002 Tweaker Download

>>> F1C & F12002 AIW Editor/Converter Download

>>> MAS Studio Editor for EA's MAS files. Allows exporting and importing of all files inside the .MAS files. Developed with help from the SBDT . MASStudio Download

>>> ako VCR & ako DAT Download : ako VCR & ako DAT

21/JUN/2009 - The Physics of Racing by Brian Beckman, PhD - virtualracersedge.com

Weight Transfer phors001.pdf (904k)
Keeping Your Tyres Stuck to the Ground phors002.pdf (792k)
Basic Calculations phors003.pdf (786k)
There Is No Such Thing as Centrifugal Force phors004.pdf (898k)
Introduction to the Racing Line phors005.pdf (953k)
Speed and Horsepower phors006.pdf (903k)
The Traction Budget phors007.pdf (1019k)
Simulating Car Dynamics with a Computer Program phors008.pdf (815k)
Straights phors009.pdf (996k)
Grip Angle phors010.pdf (904k)
Braking phors011.pdf (427k)
CyberCar, Every Racer's DWIM Car? phors012.pdf (832k)
Transients (The missing episode) phors013.pdf (943k)
Why Smoothness? phors014.pdf (1099k)
Bumps In The Road phors015.pdf (1229k)
RARS, A Simple Racing Simulator phors016.pdf (1104k)
"Slow-in, Fast-out!" or, Advanced Analysis of the Racing Line phors017.pdf (955k)
"Slow-in, Fast-out!" or, Advanced Analysis of the Racing Line, Continued phors018.pdf (1031k)
Space, Time, and Rubber phors019.pdf (635k)
Four-Point Stratics phors020.pdf (981k)
The Magic Formula: Longitudinal Version phors021.pdf (1093k)
The Magic Formula: Lateral Version phors022.pdf (1026k)
Trail Braking phors023.pdf (856k)
Combination Slip phors024.pdf (781k)
Combination Grip phors025.pdf (1021k)
The Driving Wheel, Chapter I phors026.pdf (1108k)
Four-Wheel Weight Transfer phors027.pdf (973k)
Hazards of Integration phors028.pdf (1152k)
A Magical Trick phors029.pdf (1501k)



The Physics of Racing : www.virtualracersedge.com

Full onboard lap from every F1race : www.formula1.com/video/onboard.html

In auto racing, the racing setup or car setup is the set of adjustments made to the vehicle in order to optimize its behaviour (performance, handling, reliability, etc.). Adjustments can occur in suspensions, brakes, transmission , and many others.

Component Reduce Under-steer Reduce Over-steer
Weight distribution center of gravity towards rear center of gravity towards front
Front shock absorber softer stiffer
Rear shock absorber stiffer softer
Front sway bar softer stiffer
Rear sway bar stiffer softer
Front tire selection 1 larger contact area² smaller contact area
Rear tire selection smaller contact area larger contact area²
Front wheel rim width or diameter larger² smaller
Rear wheel rim width or diameter smaller larger²
Front tire pressure higher pressure lower pressure
Rear tire pressure lower pressure higher pressure
Front wheel camber increase negative camber reduce negative camber
Rear wheel camber reduce negative camber increase negative camber
Rear spoiler smaller larger
Front height (because these usually
  affect camber and roll resistance)
lower front end raise front end
Rear height raise rear end lower rear end
Front toe in decrease increase
Rear toe in decrease increase

1) Tire contact area can be increased by using wider tires, or tires with fewer grooves in the tread pattern. Of course fewer grooves has the opposite effect in wet weather or other poor road conditions.

2) These also improve road holding, under most conditions.


08/MAY/2009 - Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS)

07/MAY/2009 - Changes applicable to all F1 teams

It was confirmed that from 2010, refuelling during a race will be forbidden in order to save the costs of transporting refuelling equipment and increase the incentive for engine builders to improve fuel economy (to save weight).


trailer video

31/MAR/2009 - Diffusers


30/MAR/2009 - Useful links

Using the suspension to set up F1 car

Wikipedia : Racing setup

Drift car setup and tuning

Wikipedia : Drifting

Setting up a drift car (PDF)


The "ULTIMATE" Racing Car Chassis Setup Guide and Tutorial

setupswap.com (nr2003 setups)

How to Set Up a Formula One Car - by Toby Waller

Speed Secrets: Professional Race Driving Techniques - AmazonOnlineReader

PaddockTalk: Formula 1, NASCAR, IndyCar, MotoGP, ALMS, NHRA And More! If It Goes Fast...We're Talking About It!!



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